Course : Advanced Jewellery Design
the three month course starts during first week of every quarter.
January; April; July; October;


Dear Fellow Members,

JSS organisation has set up institute in collaboration with M/s Dessault Systems, France and
with the financial support from Govt. of Karnaka. The main objective of the Centre is to 
develop a Library of Jewellery Designs and develop skilled man power to the forth coming 
Jewellery in line with IT Park, which is being developed jointly by Govt. of Karnataka and 
Karnataka Jewellers Association.

Presently there is a very good demand for Jewellery Designers in the Jewellery Industry. Lot of 
enquiries are coming from the Jewellery Industry for the same. Any body can join and learn 
the Jewellery Designing those who have some knowledge of English and Computer and most 
important Interest in learning. It is a user friendly Software and it is easy to learn. The 
duration of the training is 2 months and already 5 batches have completed and they are all 
working in different industries and some are having their own business. They have done a 
good job i.e., good Jewellery design sduring the training, by the end of 2 months period they 
are able to design some good designs. Also for people who are drop out from the school can 
join for Jewellery manufacturing programmes like Casting Technology, Stone Setting, Bench 
Working/ jewellery fabrication.

Also, we have set up a Rapid Proto Typing facility. People are using this facility for their 
Product Development Activity by producing Proto Types of the product.

This field is in great demand, people can make use of this opportunity. We  have placement 

M S Sreedhara
Executive Director
Uttarahally - Kengeri Main Road, 
Mylasandra, Bangalore - 560 060
98447-11592 : (080)-22718579 

more info at: 
JSS Advanced Jewellery Design Technology Centre
JSS Academy of Technical Education